Monday, June 14, 2010

It’s your cash – make it work for you

So here I am. A 40-something guy with a family, a job, a couple of dogs, a mortgage, two cars, a 401K and some random money scattered around helping bankers drive nicer cars than me and live in bigger houses than I can afford.

To complicate matters I’ve moved country a couple of times so while I’ve got pension/superannuation schemes in those countries they’re worth next to squat which means as we’re planning to stay here in the US I need to try and secure a more reliable future.

It’s probably too late for a total reboot but hopefully it’s not too late to get smart about things and take a bit more control and at least make my money work a little harder.

This blog will detail the things I find along the way, hopefully document some mistakes so you don’t stumble into them and who knows… maybe some folks smarter than me will share some insights in the comments as well

Most of the links I’ll give won’t be affiliate scheme links. If there are clicks that I might make a penny on I’ll let you know or give an alternate option so you can make the choice.

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